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Batukaras, West Java - Indonesia

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Welcome to RNV eco resort

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We are a small boutique eco-resort in Batukaras - West Java, the jungle surfers paradise for families and friends.

We are about 2 minutes by motorbike from the touristic beach of Batukaras . Close enough to enjoy its amenities and surflife, but far enough away from the noise and bright lights to relax and get a good night's sleep.

The Resort of only 4 bungalows is set in lovely tropical garden with a swimming pool located in a traditional kampung. Our neighbours are rice farmers and fishermen. You will get to see life as it is really lived all set in beautiful countryside. This is not a tourist kampung. Our neighbours get up and start work early. Sometimes they, or their roosters, make a noise! They are very friendly and, as is usual in Indonesia, a smile is always rewarded with an even bigger one in return.

 RNV eco resort

Boutique eco-resort for couples, families and small groups

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Looking for an affordable Indonesian surf holiday for the whole family (surfers and non surfers)? Not keen on sharing a small space with 10 excited youngsters surfers having party all nights? What about that father and son trip you could never figure out or that couple adventure you are always postponing?

Our aim at RNV eco resort to provide the best experience to families and small groups/couple in comfy spacious and clean accommodation. We only have 4 bungalows at the resort, keeping the number of guests down and the place quiet. Our swimming pool is the perfect relaxing place after a long pointbreak surf session or scooter trip in the sun, and our bar serve ice cold Bintangs, cocktails and juice. Our large tropical garden is perfect for playing badminton, try our slack line, or just watching the wild life.

Our optic fiber connexion allows you to work, or stream movies, and the 4G tower very close deliver the best signal.

Your comfort, your intimacy and your privacy are very important for us, such is your security. That's why only guests are allowed to enter our property. Our two very nice dogs are also very good guardians.

What makes us different?

We have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our impact.

Our design is inspired by the use of traditional building methods applied by skilled local craftsmen, adapted to western comfort and eco design.

Our electric source is only 2200W for the all property.

We sort our garbage, plastic bottles go to recycle, organic to compost. As warungs and restos are walking distance, we don't allow food delivery to avoid the use of styrofoam boxes and plastic bags.

We use as much local grown produce that we can

We use natural cooling as opposed to air conditioning - Bungalows are designed for inside outside living and terrace are shaded so no direct sunlight enters the house. The Bungalows and the Resto use the traditional high pitched "dahon" roofs which keep the inside cool. Each bed has a mosquito net and a fan allow you to cool the room.

We catch our own water from our well and filter for drinking using the Nazava filtration system (no plastic drinking bottles)

We use individual bio septic tanks to keep the ground clean.

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