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The fishing village and surfing hot spot of Batu Karas is one of the most enjoyable places to kick back and surf in west Java. A tiny one-lane fishing settlement, with two beaches that are separated by a jungle covered promontory, the calm and local sweetness will light up your holidays. Far from the busy trendy crowd of Bali, you will discover the wonderful traditional Indonesia and the Sundanese culture.

Legok Pari Beach (main bay of Batu Karas) is not only a world-famous break point but also a safe swimming area for the younger ones. You can relax looking at the surfers dancing on the waves, and why not try out with local instructors of the Batu Karas Surf Club.

Our partnership with guides and local structures allow us to offer many activities on site: body rafting at Green Canyon, discovery of Jojogan and Citumang green valley, snorkeling in Pangandaran, tasting lobster in Madasari, wandering the mangrove in canoe, or just get lost on motorbikes in the rice paddies around...

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